Human Resources represent the most crucial factor to the success of an Organization, whether it is a well established business or a newly born Company.

Our mission is to participate to the creation or development of your Human Capital, offering you a service that needs to help you saving time and money while providing the best talented candidates that can fit within your Company Vision.

We specialize in temporary and permanent staffing solutions from a wide range of industries.

Whether you are looking for a talent to join your organization on a long term basis, or if you are in need of a professional for a specific project, or if your Personal Assistant  has gone for vacation and you are in need of a suitable temporary replacement, we can offer you the best candidates that can really fulfill your needs, and add value to your Human Capital.

Dedicated Consultants: our qualified Team is looking forward to establishing a close link with your HR Department, aiming to understand its procedure and requirements as much as possible trying to become its extension. You will therefore be dedicated a Consultant among our Team, that will be committed to perform up to the Standards that our Professionalism requires, offering you tailor-made solutions for your Recruitment needs.

Your dedicated Consultant will follow you throughout the whole recruitment process. You will enjoy the benefits of a personal touch that will contribute to the success of the Recruitment process.

Candidate prospecting: utilizing the knowledge that your dedicated Consultant will get from  your Organization, it could happen that we will prospect you the CV of a really talented Candidate, feeling he or she can perfectly match within your Company. You might not have asked KRB to work on a requirement for a similar position, but you might as well realize that that Candidate is what you were just about to look for, or indeed what you have been thinking about for a long time.

IT Solutions: a very innovative Recruitment Software is the main instrument we are benefiting of in order to manage our Client Database along with our Candidate Database. Excellence in managing the relationship with our Customers is a top priority and the solution for always offering a top quality service to both our Clients and our Candidates.

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